Hair Colouring Stourbridge

Everyone loves a bit of colour in their hair, whether its to express their personality or to cover up the unwanted touches of grey showing through.

We Love Colour

We use a few different ranges to be able to provide the best colour solution for you and achieve the desired effect.

Colouring services available include root touch-ups, full colours, foiling techniques, balayage, ombre, colour correction as well as bespoke colouring services for an individual look.


Fashion, performance and the environment are at the heart of the Color.Me range. The range of colours contain naturally beneficial ingredients that moisturise and rejuvenate the hair, giving shine and colour but without the harmful affects on the environment.

A true colourists dreams with a large range of colours, toners and boosters to be able to custom create the right colour for you.

Color.Me is PPD free, ammonia free and free from chemicals not needed but does include ingredients that care for your hair and the environment.

Color.Me is a honey based hair colour with pomegranate and shea butter. It is formulated to be gentle on the hair and scalp, whilst delivering beyond all colour expectations. These colours are not tested on animals PETA certification.


Blonde.Me is a range dedicated to blonde range of colour and care products.

Whether you are blonde or want to go blonde, this range is dedicated to blonde hair and will open a whole new world of blonde shades.

No blonde is like another, there are a million shades and Blonde.Me can achieve individual shades just for you with lifting, toning and blending to create your signature blonde looks.

Blonde.Me has a built in Advanced Bonding System to minimise hair breakage by helping to protect your hair whilst colouring and keeping the hair in the best condition possible. 

Once your colour has been achieved, there is a range of specially formulated cleansers, conditioners and styling products to maintain your hair and colour.

Hair Colouring Stourbridge
Hair Colouring Stourbridge